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Risk Panel

Risk - Identification, Reduction, Management and Mitigation


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Welcome to the Risk Panel.  


Understanding the RISKS for all parties in offshore construction and development projects is vital to their success. The Risk Panel bring a deep understanding of the associated risks for all parties involved in  complex and often ground breaking projects.


Incorporated in 2009 following a number of high profile losses in the subsea cable industry The Risk Panel saw the opportunity to provide to this developing industry sector its skill sets gained  from many years service to the subsea market, a product which is unique in its simplicity and  focus.  


Through our expert analysis, the introduction of tested project management skills and the use of financial tools, we seek to advise our clients to mitigate the risk, and provide balance sheet protection to the investors, developers and associated parties involved on a cost effective basis


Our services are geared to providing transferable solutions of the unexpected risks associated with all subsea engineering.


Our products serve Offshore Grids, Offshore renewables, Hydrocarbon Developers, Equity providers and the Insurance markets.


Interconnector 'out of action for weeks'

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Six cables damaged on the last day of 2006

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Cable failure

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Old Charts cause incident

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